Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sex Offender Hysteria in Maine?

A recent editorial posted in the Portland Press Herald applauds the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in their action that opens the Maine Sex Offender Registry to legal challenge. According to the writer (of the editorial) the sex offender does little to protect children and makes it more difficult to track offenders. The editorial can be viewed online - "Maine Court puts needed halt on sex offender hysteria".


Anonymous said...

The original intent of Megan's List was to create a list of child molesters and repeat offenders whom the police could keep track of once they were released from prison. Today it has degenerated into a free for all where young teens, consensual adults, people who pee in public places, prostitutes and johns are listed, among the MANY abuses of the registries. And these registries are being used by local and state jurisdictions to legally villify, demonize, harass and intimidate those who are forced to register.

That is what the court is saying: that the states and local jurisdictions are wrongfully using a legal procedure (Megan's List) to discriminate: by denying them homes within towns, by denying them places where they can work. But what is worst of all is the way the public has come to view the registries: as a list to use to find people who can commit vigilante actions against.

That is wrong. One of the men killed by the Canadian nutcase had had sex when he was 18 and she was 16. That's statutory rape, not child molestation. And he didn't deserve to be placed on the registry for his name and address to be publicized to the world so that some MURDERER could exact "God's revenge."

I am 47 years old and I would imagine that when I was in high school, half the students were having sex. But they were put on sex offender registries and neither should today's teens and young adults.

Anonymous said...

Two corrections to my post:

That the public is using the registries to commit vigilantism against sex offenders and their families - much of which doesn't get into the media, although some does.

Second correction: that my high school class members should not be put on some sexual offender registry for having sex.

Sorry for the mistakes.