Monday, October 1, 2007

Members of 399th Combat Support Hospital Returns to Maine from Iraq

42 members of the 399th Combat Support Hospital returned to Maine today after serving more than 15 months in Iraq. They performed their mission in Al Asad and Tikrit. The 399th CSH is an Army Reserve unit headquartered in Massachusetts and has one company in Auburn, Maine. Read more in the following news articles:

WMTW news posting - "399th Comes Home". - "Maine Soldiers Return Home From Iraq".
Portland Press Herald - "Excitement builds for 399ths return from Iraq".
28 September 2007. "Auburn unit on way back to Maine". Sun Journal.
1 October 2007. "Soldiers Return Home After Iraq Deployment". The Boston Channel.
January 20, 2007. "Caring in a combat zone. Staff of 399th hospital treats mostly Iraqi casualties of war". Stars and Stripes.
July 2, 2007. "399th Combat Support Hospital Provides Update from Iraq's Anbar Province".

Al Asad Air Base. Global Security.

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