Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blogroll Added to Security News Blog

The Maine Safety and Security News Blog has added a new feature to its layout. This new item is called a "Blogroll" and can be found in the lower right portion of the web page. This is a listing of other blogs that write about security topics. The Schneier on Security blog seems to cover all aspects of security and is well-known (or at least well listed on other security blogs). The WhisprWave Port Security Blog is published by a commercial entity selling maritime and port security products and they carry some current maritime and port security news on a consistant basis. Some of the blogs specialize in terrorism as in the Investigative Project on Terrorism and Counterterrorism Blog. The Spy Review seems to be a place to learn about spy and surveillance gadgets. While it appears to be quite ready to lead you to web pages where you can buy those items - it does make for good reading for those learning the technical aspects of surveillance. The Stratfor Blog is an offshoot of the Stratfor web site that has long been widely-read for its topics on national security. The Stratfor website has been one of my favorites for years and I suscribe to it's free intelligence reports sent via email; so I look forward to reading the Stratfor Blog. Information Armor is a newly-established blog and deals with, as you would suspect by it's title, information security. Provident Security is published by a security firm in Vancouver, Canada but I find it very informative as it covers a range of security-related subjects. Boise Home Security is another blog by a commercial firm but also with good info. The LiquidMatrix Security Digest seems concerned with Internet security with an irreverent look at how "the security establishment" works (or doesn't work). One of my newly-discovered favorites is the Long War Book News, which deals with books published about the long war on terrorism we are currently engaged in. As you can see, some of these blogs are about things close to heart for security, police, and homeland security professionals - such as the port security, Internet, or physical security blogs. Others are a little more remote from our daily work activities and are concerned with terrorism or national security in general. In time, as I add to the blogroll, there should be something for everyone. As I explore more security blogs I will add them while also monitoring the ones on the list for quality and quantity of relevant posts. If you have any blogs that you feel should be added to the blogroll then leave a comment for me to read and I will check it out and add it if appropriate.

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