Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Immigrant License Policy in Maine Receives Attention

Maine's absurd policy of granting drivers licenses to non-residents of Maine who cannot provide positive proof of residency, legal status, or identification is coming under review. This state is one of several (about 6 or 7) states that have extremely lax criteria for the passing out of licenses. Currently there are 2,521 people who have a Maine drivers license but who have no Social Security number - (can you spell illegal immigrant?). There are about 5,771 names that have questionable documentation. See a recent news posting by (5 Dec 07) on this subject - "Immigrant's Licenses Debate Gains Momentum in Maine". Also see "Immigrants' licenses debate gains volume in Maine" by Foster's Daily Democrat, 4 Dec 07, "Maine driver's license policy coming under new scrutiny", Portland Press Herald, 5 Dec 07.

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