Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Real ID and Maine: ME Sends Letter But . . .

Governor Baldacci has sent a letter to the feds (DHS) asking for . . . well, not a request for an extension . . . but a letter asking for Maine travelers not to be penalized because Maine is not asking for an extension to implement the Real ID Act. Hmmmm. Let's see what the Department of Homeland Security says to that. Read more in "Baldacci requests protections with Real ID deadline nearing", Portland Press Herald, March 26, 2008. To get really smart on this issue that will affect Maine travelers at airports come May 2008 see how Real ID will affect Maine. If you want to read the letter that got sent see "Governor Baldacci Sends REAL ID Letter to DHS", Office of the Governor, March 25, 2008. Gee, after reading that letter you would think that Maine was in the front of the pack in having strict driver's license requirements. To know the real truth on that read my posts on Maine driver's licenses and why illegal aliens travel all the way to Maine to get one.

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