Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maine Passes License Security Legislation

Maine has finally got around to tightening up its driver's license process. The Legislature has passed and the Governor has approved a bill that finally addresses the lax procedures that were in place for granting driver's licenses. The bill puts tighter security standards in place and brings the state into compliance with federal identification requirements - see Real-ID Act and Maine. See some recent news articles on the topic:

April 19, 2008. "Maine Becomes Last State to Tighten License Security". The New York Times.
April 18, 2008. "Senate Passes Real ID Bill". The Ellsworth American.
April 18, 2008. "Real ID license changes passed". Portland Press Herald.
April 18, 2008. "Maine governor signs license bill".
April 17, 2008. "House Approves REAL ID Bill". The Lincoln County News.
April 17, 2008. "Governor Signs Bill To Bolster Driver's License Security".

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