Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memorial to Honor Maine Military Fallen

Two memorials are being planned to honor sacrafices made by members of the Maine military who have lost their lives in The War on Terror. One memorial will be at the entrance of Camp Keyes, headquarters of the Maine National Guard to honor members of the Maine National Guard who have been killed in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another memorial will honor all Maine members of the military killed in The War on Terror and will be placed in the Hall of Flags at the Statehouse. The memorial will be "A Battlefield Cross Memorial" that replicates the memorial services held by unit members overseas for fallen comrades. The memorials are being planned by the Augusta Emblem Club. The organization is working to raise over $10,000 to fund the memorials.

Donations can be made to:
Augusta Emblem Club #233
P.O. Box 206, Augusta, Maine 04332-0206

For more information call:
2LT Jasmine Chase at (207) 430-2167
Louise Dorr at (207) 626-4213

To read a news article on this topic see "Memorial to honor Maine's fallen", Morning Sentinel, April 27, 2008. For a listing of those Maine members of the military that have lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan see "In Memory of Maine's Heros KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan".

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