Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Threat Advisory Response Guidelines - ASIS

ASIS International (formerly the American Society of Industrial Security) has issued a guideline that security professionals can use in responding to elevated alert levels from the DHS.

"The ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines has released the second edition of the Threat Advisory System Response Guideline. ASIS International developed the TASR Guideline to provide private-sector organizations with security measures they might implement during elevated Alert Levels announced by the Department of Homeland Security.
The TASR Guideline is divided into four major sections, which correspond to threat levels. Each section includes three subcategories: emergency response/business continuity; personnel protection; and physical protection. The Guideline’s detailed worksheet format will help managers determine those steps that apply to specific security environments.

This expanded TASR Guideline includes items such as preparations for people with
special needs or disabilities and the inclusion of training protocols and emergency equipment such as first-aid kits."

Source: ASIS. See press release -

The guideline may be downloaded at -

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