Monday, July 21, 2008

Traveling Through Customs with Laptops

Lots of discussion has been taking place over the last few months on laptop security - specifically on what travelers are subjected to when going through customs or airport security. It boils down to the fact that you as a traveler have no privacy when it comes to your laptop - or for that matter your cellphone and camera. Custom officials can search this equipment, confiscate them, copy the contents, read your emails, and more. Any expectation of privacy is gone. There are no specific guidelines as to when and under what circumstances the security officials are allowed to do this. Most critics state that Customs officials can pretty much do what they want. Important note: Be polite - you are in a "no-win situation"! USA Today has published an opinion on this subject. Read "At the border, your laptop is just another 'container'", USA Today, July 16, 2008. Click here for more information about traveling with your laptop.

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