Sunday, July 20, 2008

Women Traveling Dangerously Overseas

In these troubled times some business travelers will find themselves going to places that are a little out of the way and sometimes dangerous. Business travelers should try to learn a little about the location they are going to if they have a question about the safety and security situation. The first stop in this fact finding quest should be the corporate security office, but unfortunately, many of today's corporate security officers have no overseas experience, are concerned with building physical security, ID badges, contract security guard schedules, and the maintenance of their cameras and IDS. The last thing on their mind is the travel itinerary of one of the corporate staff. Read a recent article on this topic published in a British newspaper - "When business trips get dangerous", Times Online, July 16, 2008. But there are resources out there that can help. Visit Maine Safety and Security Resources, Inc. "Travel Security Info" and "Security for Women" resource pages for further information. See our Associates Store with books on security for women.

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