Friday, August 29, 2008

Israeli Airport Security

The Israeli's are widely-known to have "cracked the code" on airline security. Just take a look at their record of keeping their airlines, cargo and passengers safe. Although they have their fair share of enemies who have been using terrorist tactics to target Israel for a long time - they have managed quite a good safety record. We could learn a lot by studying what works for them and implementing some of their measures here in the United States. The head of the Ben Gurion International Airport recently hosted an event where members of the American aviation security community were invited. Read a report by one of the attendees on the event and how Israeli aviation security has been so successful. See "A Look at Ben Gurion International Airport's Security", Journal of Homeland Defense, July 2008. To read more on the topic of air travel security click on airline security news articles and air travel security resources and information.

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