Monday, August 25, 2008

Portland, Maine Jetport Security Complaints

The physical setup of the security checkpoint for the Portland Jetport leaves a lot to be desired. As a frequent flyer (at least twice a month) I have been through many airports both domestic and foreign. The Jetport here in Maine probably has one of the slowest security lines across the nation. The physical setup is very limiting. With all the reconstruction going on at the airport one would think they could invest a little money into expansion of the security screening area (if they have expanded it then I didn't notice!). There have been some improvements. The quality of the TSA screeners seems better - more polite and efficient. And - this is a big point in my book - my boarding pass and I.D. is being checked by a TSA employee - finally. For a couple of years I was presenting this documentation to a number of female contract security employees wearing head scarfs who did not have English as their first language. Let's see - didn't the ring leader of the 9/11 attacks come through Portland airport security? What is wrong with this picture? Read another persons rant about security at the Portland Jetport. "Maine voices: Jetport security obstacle to commerce", Portland Press Herald, June 28, 2008. To read more on the topic of air travel security click on airline security news articles and air travel security resources and information.


Sam said...

No doubt about it: Portland's airport security lines are the worst in the country. They have yet to deal with the bottleneck that occurs for the 6 a.m. flights and it's maddening. There's no reason why people should be missing flights because they had to stand in a line for an hour. I fully support the need for the security check, but don't see why it needs to be done so poorly.

Anonymous said...

Last month I stood in the security line for an hour for a 6:00 am flight. I almost missed it. Incredible! Like they can't predict when the airplanes are departing and when there will be larger than normal crowds? Unbelieveable!