Friday, September 19, 2008

Clear Fast Pass - Biometrics for Travelers

Airline travel is getting more complicated as time goes on and for some - a little easier. If you are a frequent traveler you can sometimes benefit from new security procedures that will usher you through the airport security checkpoints quicker than other travelers. One such program is called the Clear Fast Pass. This program requires the registration of your biometric information such as fingerprints and/or iris scan. Once registered and approved by the government you can go through "members-only" security checkpoints in a speedy fashion. Currently 16 airports across the country have "Clear Lanes" with more on the way. The Clear Fast Pass costs about $100 per year. You can find more information on the firms website at What do I think? The government and other entities have more than enough information on me already - I will wait in line. To read more on the topic of biometrics see biometric security information or news articles about biometrics.

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