Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lawsuit Filed Against Maine Sex Offender Registry Rule

A lawsuit has been filed in Kennebec County, Maine by a convicted sex offender in an attempt to keep his real name off the public sex offender registry. This, of course, would give him anonymity and possibly keep his name and location within the state of Maine off the Internet. The lawsuit is challenging the state's Sex Offender Registration Notification Act. Read more on this subject - "Lawsuit takes on sex offender registry rule", Kennebec Journal, September 7, 2008. Click here to view the Maine Sex Offender Registry.

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Anonymous said...

Who commits most sex crimes? Well, 95% of all new sex crimes are committed by those NOT on the registry. Family members and those known to the family commit 98% of all sex crimes. So much for stranger danger.
2nd question. Who is MORE LIKELY to commit a sex crime upon release from prison? Sex Offenders or NON-sex offenders?

For the answer, go here. www.cfcoklahoma.org and see the article, "Revisiting Department of Justice Recidivism Statistics and More Shocking Truths."