Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Terrorist Data Respository - (TIDE - Railhead) Evaluation

The federal government is spending lots of money on homeland security. While this is necessary it sometimes can lead to waste, fraud, and in many cases incomplete products and services. One of these programs under question is the computer data storage and information system that the government uses for information on terrorists and terrorist groups and organizations. The Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) is a central repository of information of thousands of suspected terrorists around the globe. TIDE was launched shortly after 9/11 to provide intelligence analysts, border security, homeland defense, TSA, state department and other security professionals the ability to go to a central location to pull facts and info about persons of interest. TIDE is operated by the National Counterterrorism Center. Because it was launched so quickly it was incomplete in regards to features and a new program called Railhead was funded to update it. However, Railhead appears to be having its share of problems and intelligence users are complaining that it is a costly program that is not delivering what is needed.

Much of the information for this posting came from "Controversy Snarls Upgrade of Terrorist Data Repository", The Washington Post, September 3, 2008. See Wikipedia's explanation of TIDE.

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