Monday, September 29, 2008

Thefts of GPS Units are Rising

Global Positioning Systems are rapidly being introduced to the marketplace. More and more folks are buying GPS equipment for their automobiles. Unfortunately these units are valuable and easy to steal. They are also easy to sell on the black market or on the Internet. They are now the number item stolen from automobiles. The thefts are usually the "smash and grab" type. Thefts of GPS systems are now rampant in some parts of the country. Here are some helpful hints to keep your GPS from being stolen:

* Always lock up your car when leaving it unattended. Be sure to roll up your windows.
* Install and activate your car alarm system.
* Keep the serial number and model type of GPS on hand in case of theft. A photo may sometimes help. If stolen then report it to the local police.
* Register your GPS serial number with the manufacturer. That way you can prove the GPS belongs to you.
* Remove the GPS from the vehicle when not in use.
* If you don't remove the GPS from the vehicle then put it in the glove compartment or trunk when not in use.
* Remove the GPS mount from the dashboard or the windshield.
* Hide the windshield rings. When you detach your GPS from your auto windshield it will leave a telltale mark where it was mounted. Wipe this mark clean with a rag or handi-wipe.
* Use a friction mount for the dashboard instead of a windshield mount on glass. Glass will leave the telltale ring indicating you have a GPS.
* Park in safe, well-lighted areas.
* If you have a GPS password or lock feature then use it. Why make it easy for a thief to use or sell your GPS!
* You can always consider buying a phone with a GPS capability. Not as user friendly but certainly less likely to be stolen.

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