Saturday, September 20, 2008

Video Cameras in Maine Schools

Some Maine schools are considering the use of video surveillance cameras as a security and safety measure. One county school system looking at this option is Mount Desert Island, Maine. The reasoning is that the schools can be better protected during non-school hours and can also be a helpful aid during emergency situations. Read more on this topic in "Video cameras in schools eyed", Mount Desert Islander, September 5, 2008. Visit our web page for more information on Campus and School Safety and Security.


Anonymous said...

The reasons stated for cameras are good ones. But tell me this, how many violent school incidents have been prevented by security cameras? None.
We need prevention tools so that we do not keep collecting video footage of tragedies like Columbine or Asa Coon in Cleveland.
Why not utilize the eyes of the students instead of cameras and provide a way for them to safely share what they know?
Please check out Talk About It from Kids can send anonymous text messages or emails to teachers AT THEIR SCHOOL and share what is going on.
Now that's proactive!

Staff, MSSR Blog said...

"Talk About It". AnComm is a leading provider of anonymous messaging and communications solutions to school systems and universities. With AnComm's Talk About It anonymous online messaging service, troubled students can begin a dialogue anonymously without fear of reprisal or embarrassment to seek help and resolution to their problems. See