Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weakness in Biometric Security

As the push to integrate biometrics into security procedures becomes more prevalent security professionals need to consider some "facts of life". While biometric data belonging to a person are considered unique (iris or fingerprint characteristics) and are a superb method of verifying someones identity there are some shortfalls. One is that the biometric data can be "captured" and then presented either online or using other physical means to misrepresent someone. Another more important issue is what happens to a persons identity once a copy of his iris scan, fingerprint, or facial data is out there in electronic form? Computer usernames and passwords can be changed. How do you change your fingerprints? Can that person no longer use his own unique biometric data because it has been compromised? Biometric data can be easily obtained illegally. Read an interesting article entitled "Biometric Hacking Tool Debuts", April 2, 2008, PC World. To read more on the topic of biometrics see biometric security information or news articles about biometrics.

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