Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crime and Maine Student Drop-Out Rate

A study has been done that draws a connection between the drop-out rate of kids from school and the rate of crime in the state of Maine.
"High school dropouts are three and one-half times more likely than high school graduates to be arrested, and more than eight times as likely to be incarcerated. Throughout the country, 68 percent of state prison inmates have not received a high school diploma.According to researchers, 10 percentage-point increases in graduation rates have historically been shown to reduce murder and assault rates by approximately 20 percent. Increasing graduation rates by 10 percentage points would prevent over 20 murders and over 900 aggravated assaults in Maine every five years."
An organization known as "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids" in Maine has a document on its website entitled "School or the Streets: Crime and Maine's Dropout Crisis". To view or download the Adobe Acrobat document go to Click here to learn more about crime prevention in Maine.

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