Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Security Vacation Checklist

When you go on vacation the last thing you need to worry about is whether your home is secure during your absence. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than to return to find that your home has been intruded and valuables have been taken. There are steps you can take that will lessen the chances your home will be broken into during your absence. Some steps to take include improving your exterior lighting and having them on timers for nighttime hours, using timer to activate lights, radios, and TVs in your homes during normal hours to provide the illusion that someone is home, and having a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers on a daily basis. To learn more on how to keep your home safe and secure during vacations check out our Home Security Vacation Checklist.

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drivenwide said...

Notify the Post Office to hold your mail or arrange with a friend or neighbor to have it picked up daily. Make arrangements to have your lawn mowed and watered while you are gone (In the winter arrange to have your walk and driveway shoveled). Have someone check daily to remove newspapers and circulars from your doorway and yard. Have a friend or neighbor place your garbage cans out on the normal pick-up day and then return them promptly after the garbage has been collected.

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