Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Stop Bullying of Children

A common problem within the schools of America is the act of "bullying". Bullies have been around for ages and they have not gone away. Fortunately there are some organizations out there that have recognized this prevalent problem and they are coming up with some solutions. To read more on this topic go t the website of "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids" and download (Adobe Acrobat) a document entitled "Bullying Prevention is Crime Prevention". Here is an excerpt from the document:
"Of children in sixth through tenth grade, more than 3.2 million–nearly one in six–are victims of bullying each year, while 3.7 million bully other children. Preventing kids from becoming bullies and intervening to get bullies back on track can not only
protect children from the pain that bullying inflicts immediately, but can protect all of us from crime later on. Fortunately, programs have been developed that can cut bullying by as much as 50 percent. They just need to be implemented in America’s schools. How miserable does bullying make its victims? Compared to their peers, kids who are bullied are five times more likely to be depressed. Bullied boys are four times more likely to be suicidal; bullied girls are eight times more likely to be suicidal."

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