Sunday, October 12, 2008

Self Defense Training in Maine

Are you worried about your personal security? There are many aspects to personal security and ways to protect yourself. Of course, one is maintaining good physical fitness and learning a martial art. For a comprehensive listing of almost all of the martial arts studios and instructors in Maine visit "Maine Martial Arts".


Steve said...

Thank you for this resource. I do believe that maintaining physical fitness and learning martial arts techniques to defend yourself is very good advice. However, I believe carrying some self defense products with you is also a very good idea. Products such as pepper spray, stun guns, Tasers and personal alarms are made for these emergency situation when one's personal safety is at risk. I would strongly recommend carrying some personal self defense products with you at all times.


Steve Lane
Self Defense & Surveillance Shop

Unknown said...


Self defense training can save you from the attacks in the real world. In real world an attack is usually over within a short time. A proper self defense training will allow you to use simple techniques to instantly avoid the attacker.