Saturday, October 4, 2008

Strategy to Detect and Prevent Workplace Dishonesty (ASIS Report)

ASIS International has released a CRISP Report on "Strategies to Detect and Prevent Workplace Dishonesty". CRISP stands for Connecting Research in Security to Practice.

"This CRISP report focuses on how to prevent employee theft and dishonest behavior. Read Hayes, PhD, discusses the sources of employee theft and a host of prevention opportunities. His recommendations provide solid ideas on how companies can avoid becoming victims of internal theft and how to implement recommended solutions. His discussion will help security practitioners think in a more informed way about deviant behavior among employees."

The report is 44 pages long, in Adobe Acrobat format, and is 1,725 KBs big. You can download the report from the ASIS site here. Click here for more information on workplace security.

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