Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Test Your Readiness Quotient - Are You Ready for a Man-made or Natural Disaster?

The Council for Excellence in Government has a website called "What's Your RQ?". RQ stands for Readiness Quotient. At the web site you can take the test, get your score, compare it against the national average, and also view tips and resources to better prepare your family, schools, community and workplace to be better prepared for man-made (terrorism?) or natural disasters. Read the following description:
"In recent years, the American people have been urged to “get ready” and to prepare for emergencies – from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. But no one has ever given the public a simple, comprehensive and consistent tool to actually measure how prepared they are. No one has ever provided individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole with a practical “gauge” to assess their preparedness, recognize their successes and identify gaps where more work needs to be done."
To take the test go to this website:

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