Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cell Phone Security

Cell phones have been a pleasant addition to the conveniences of modern society. They also provide a measure of security and safety. As a parent my teenage daughter could keep in touch with me as she goes through her Friday and Saturday night. "Dad, I just left the movies and I am going for ice cream" or "Dad, I am at Cindy's and will be home at eleven", or "Mom, I have a flat tire on Route 1". Cell phones can also be used to determine locations of others in your family. This same technology can be used against a cell phone owner. In addition, there are devices out there that will extract information from cell phones. Consider the Cell Seizure Investigator Stick by Paraben Corporation. This could be a useful device for law enforcement officials, forensic professionals, or investigators. It could also be a device that could see abuse by others with criminal or malicious intent. The lesson here is don't leave your cell phone unattended or lend it to someone to borrow for a phone call if you don't completely trust that person. Click here for more information about cell phone security and safety.

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