Sunday, November 30, 2008

Learn More about Home Smoke Detectors and Alarms

One leading method of reducing home fires and deaths due to house fires is the use of smoke alarms (also known as smoke detectors).
"Over 93 percent of homes in the U. S. now have at least one smoke alarm. As the number of smoke alarms in homes increased over the years, the residential fire death rate has dropped nearly 50 percent. This success story is tempered by the fact that the number of inoperable smoke alarms is growing. Experts warn that the trend to fewer fire deaths will reverse if we do not solve the problem of inoperable smoke alarms. They estimate that one in three homes have an inoperable smoke alarm. Some fire departments have found units in one half of homes to be disabled".Read more about smoke alarms from the Residential Fire Safety Institute.
Click here to learn more about fire safety, how to prevent fires, and fire Internet resources for Maine.

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