Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maine Swine Flu Cases

Maine has three cases of swine flu as of Wednesday evening (April 29). All three cases are adults. In addition, there are two children who have flu symptoms from a school in York County. The school has been closed for seven calendar days to prevent the spread of the flu. See "York County School, Day Care Close From Swine Flu Symptoms", WMTW 8, April 29, 2009. Gov Baldacci has declared a civil emergency that will allow the state to take specific actions in response to the swine flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the swine flu threat to a level just below a full-fledged pandemic. This is the second-highest level, meaning that a global outbreak of swine flu is likely to happen. France has asked the European Union (EU) to suspend flights to Mexico (USA Today article). A flight attendents union wants safeguards concerning the swine flu pandemic (USA Today); to include passenger screening. The possible swine flu epidemic has made travelers uneasy; and travel plans are being cancelled by some concerned vacationers (USA Today). Maine tourism officials are keeping an eye on the swine flu situation (Morning Sentinel) but don't know what the true effects will be on Maine's summer tourism season due to swine flu.

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