Friday, May 22, 2009

Book: Biometrics - Identity Assurance in the Information Age

The book to the left, "Biometrics: Identity Assurance in the Information Age", is now available in paperback. From the back cover:

"Beyond passwords and PINS, beyond ID cards, keys, and tokens, stands biometrics--the science of recognizing people by physical characteristics or personal traits. Learn about the technical properties and applications of fingerprints, hand geometry, facial and voice recognition, iris and retinal scans, signature and keystroke dynamics, and futuristic biometrics such as vein patterns. Follow sample scenarios and real-world case studies to understand ensuring biometric liveness, deploying biometrics in large-scale systems, developing technical standards, and testing and evaluating biometric technologies. Make financial and business dealings safer and more reliable, improve safety, and balance your needs for speed, convenience, and accuracy with help from this thorough resource."

To read more about this book or to order the book click on the link below:

Biometrics: Identity Assurance in the Information Age

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