Saturday, May 23, 2009

Free Healthcare for Immigrants Arriving in Maine

Maine is becoming deluged with immigrants from Africa - specifically the Horn of Africa (Sudan and Somalia). There are well-meaning organizations that are aiding in the effort to bring these poverty stricken immigrants to Portland and other Maine cities. While it is a commendable task to aid others in distress we have to wonder how far our generosity extends - especially with Mainers losing their homes and their jobs due to the bad economy. The organizations that bring these immigrants to our shores seem to be very adept at leveraging the welfare and social support programs to help aid the immigrants transition into our society. Our course, we the Maine taxpayers pay for this generosity. I guess we need to ask why a person born and raised in Maine does not get free medical care when an immigrant newly-arrived to Maine gets free health care that we pay for? Read an opinion piece in the Portland Press Herald that also expresses this viewpoint.

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