Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pass ID to Replace REAL ID - Is it a "Free Pass" for Illegal Immigrants?

The new Obama administration has decided to water-down the comprehensive vehicle drivers license requirements instituted by the Bush administration under the REAL ID program. The Department of Homeland Security has decided to roll out a less effective version called Pass ID. It appears that several states (Maine being one of them) have objected to measures of REAL ID due to cost and privacy concerns. Less important to these objecting states are that REAL ID ensures that illegal immigrants do not get a drivers license and therefore a "free pass" to benefits such as welfare, medical assistance, social security that they have no right to. In addition, the REAL ID program provides for a greater security for the public in general as it makes it more difficult to present false identification when entering federal buildings and getting on airplanes. From what little I have heard of the "Pass ID" program it appears the new administration wants to give "a pass" to illegal immigrants. Read more about REAL ID and the how Maine resisted it to the very bitter end.

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