Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog about "Managed Video as a Service" or MVaaS

Leave it to the security industry to come up with new acronyms that take a science degree to decipher. A new one that I just learned today - by reading a blog that I will refer to in a minute - is MVaaS. MVaaS stands for "Managed Video as a Service". Cameras have come a long way since I made the switch from the protective systems (cameras, alarms, bells, and whistles) to the personal security field. MVaaS is "... is the term used to describe the rapidly growing category of service providers that can help companies deploy and administer video applications across a potentially large number of disparate locations" (definition is from the blog mentioned below).

The blog I referred to earlier is "Managed Video as a Service". The writers are from Envysion, Inc.; a firm that helps companies manage video applications (of course). Interesting reading. Click here for a comprehensive listing of blogs concerning security.

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