Friday, July 31, 2009

Maine Police Learning about Muslim Culture

Maine police officers are spending a full-day to learn about Muslim culture. A former FBI agent was a presenter at a seminar about how police can build ties with Muslim communities. The daylong training took place at the University of Southern Maine and more than 60 officers took part in the presentation. It was organized by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. Read more in "To build ties, police learn Muslim culture", Portland Press Herald, July 29, 2009. Nice to know where my tax dollars are going!

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Anonymous said...

How about getting the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to stop importing Somali's into Maine? That would alleviate the need to provide money for welfare, medicare, medicaid, schools, translators to work in hospitals, social security, job aid programs and other social relief programs to aid the immigrants - all programs that cost money and take away from the poor disadvantaged US citizens that already live in Maine. Oh yes, add the cost of a special one-day long seminars for 63 police officers so they can understand Muslim culture - in all places, the state of Maine.