Friday, September 4, 2009

Julie Jacobson - A prime example of why the military hates the media.

Julie Jacobson, a photographer working in Afghanistan, was granted permission to accompany a patrol of the Marines in Afghanistan. While with that patrol, a member of the unit was mortally wounded. She snapped a photo of the Marine while he lay dying and then felt obliged to release it to the Associated Press. Secretary of Defense Gates personally wrote a letter asking the photo not be released. The father of the Marine pleaded that the photo not be released. Julie Jacobson felt compelled to have the photo out there for the public - for whatever reason. Jacobson should be exiled from Afghanistan never to return. Not a shred of decency in her. This incident is just one more lesson for the military about the media and its place on the battlefield.

The Soldier was Lance Corporal Joshua M. Bernard of Cumberland, Maine.

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Anonymous said...

The photographer should never ever be allowed near a military installation or embedded with a military unit.