Saturday, September 19, 2009

Verizon Chaperone - Keep Track of Your Child

Cell phones have now become an important safety feature for parents trying to keep track of their children. With the triangulation of cell phone towers and GPS chips in cell phones it is now possible to display your child's location on your cell phone or computer. The description below from Verizons website provides more information:

"Chaperone provides a convenient and valuable service to help you determine the location of your child's cell phone from the Internet or from your cell phone. If your children simply carry their Verizon Wireless cell phones with them while on the go, you can use the Chaperone Web Site or the Chaperone Get It Now® application downloaded to your cell phone to view their location information. Your child's location information is displayed as a nearby address and on a detailed map. If you have Chaperone with Child Zone, you can be notified when a child arrives near or leaves the vicinity of a particular location."

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