Sunday, October 4, 2009

LNG Developers and the "Spin" on Security and Safety

There are varying viewpoints on the safety and security of LNG tankers. Environmentalists and the "Not in My Backyard" crowd will cite numerous safety and security concerns. The LNG and shipping industry will roll out facts and figures on how accident free LNG shipping and terminals are. It is hard to know who to believe. There have been contentious public discussions on these concerns. The Fundy Tides blog, concerned with issues about the Bay of Fundy (east coast of Canada) has published an extensive online article loaded with information about LNG shipping security and safety. The article lists a number of serious LNG accidents, spills, and leaks that took place in the last thirty some years. The article also provides hyperlinks to seven different safety studies done by various groups and organizations. Click here for more information on LNG safety and security.

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