Friday, December 18, 2009

Bullet Proof Vest for Hunting . . . . . Really?

As the writer of a security blog I look for interesting or educational things to write about to peak my readers interest. I track a variety of topics to include news about body armor.  Every once in a while I come across a stupid thing to make note of.  Today's stupid thing is the idea that hunters need a bullet proof hunting vest.  Yes, I am not kidding.  Bullet proof hunting vests are now being sold - click here if you believe you need one.  Read a critique on this topic at "The Worst Hunting Vest Ever Made", Field and blog, December 11, 2009.  Rush out and get one for your hunting partner for Christmas!  Okay, I suppose that maybe within some specialized field of endeavor there is a use for this item - maybe a security contractor working overseas could use this item - although with the bright orange panel - not so much.

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