Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prevent Home Burglaries

A home burglary happens in the USA every 15.5 seconds according to the FBI.  Burglaries usually happen during the day when you are at work or on vacation.  Most burglaries take place to support drug habits and are unsophisticated.  Burglaries can sometimes get dangerous if the thief enters your home while you or your loved ones are inside.  Security measures can be taken to discourage or prevent these burglaries.  Strenghtening of locks and door jams, easy to install security systems, and more will provide additional security measures.  Read more in "Prevent home burglaries" the Safety and Security website.  Click here to learn more about home security.

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Gravity Gardener said...

Wherever you live, you should consider developing your own security strategy designed to protect your home, family and personal property. Most people will likely consider contracting with a home security service as part of this strategy.

As part of your research, you need to consider the following as part of your selection process:

1. UL Certification - Your servicing company has to pass and adhere to a strict set of standards and be compliant with rules and regulations to be able to display the UL Listing. Being able to present this certification is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and sound operation standards. UL certification should not only be applied to the company itself, but the central monitoring station and equipment used in home installations. Each is crucial to your selection criteria

2. Some servicing companies have local franchises that provide the initial installation and support of the equipment while using a third party monitoring facility. If this is the case with one of your prospective companies, make sure you understand the roles and responsibilities of your local company as part of your agreement. Ensure that the central monitoring station is a high quality installation that has the ability to respond quickly if needed.

3. BBB Accreditation – A company that displays the BBB symbol on their website is a good indication that they are committed to customer satisfaction and work effectively to resolve customer complaints. This is a paid for service and not all companies seek this accreditation, but is does provide another reference point for your selection process.

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