Sunday, January 10, 2010

Security Cameras on Main Street in Lincoln, Maine

Lincoln, Maine is one of the latest towns to adopt the use of security cameras in a public downtown area.  The town now has a security video camera system with three cameras.  You can view the images from the system at  The police will be able to record images and then use the images to assist in crime investigation.  The images are in full color and can be seen through Internet Explorer.  The cameras are meant to curtail vandalism and improve safety at the downtown location.  Read more on this story at "Security cameras on line in downtown Lincoln", Bangor Daily News, Decmber 23, 2009.

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wireless security camera said...

That is really cool, especially considering the size of the camera. I wonder really how good the quality and resolution of the recording turns out to be. Overall though, I would definitely pick myself up one.