Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Compromise on Maine Use of Traffic Surveillance Cameras

The use of traffic surveillance cameras by Maine law enforcement agencies have been a contentious issue between safety advocates and proponents for the protection of privacy. However, it appears that a compromise has been reached on the Transportation Committee.
"A compromise has been reached on a bill that would have prohibited the use of traffic surveillance cameras that identify license plates. The bill was supported by civil libertarians, who were concerned over a loss of privacy from the use of cameras.

The Transportation Committee on Friday endorsed a compromise that places safeguards on the deployment of automated license plate recognition systems.

The Maine Civil Liberties Union said it restricts use of the recognition systems to police, the state Department of Transportation and Turnpike Authority. Data about law-abiding citizens will be purged every 21 days and databases will be confidential.

Twelve of the 13 committee members voted for the compromise. One member supports a total ban."
This information is from a news posting on March 8, 2010 by WMTW entitled "Maine Camera Bill Deal Reached".  Click here for the article by

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