Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maine Top Among States for Swine Flu Vaccinations

"Maine is among the top states for vaccinating people against the H1N1 virus. Gov. John Baldacci says Maine's rate for vaccinating people in high risk groups was among the highest in the nation at 51 percent, compared with a national rate of 33 percent.

Baldacci say sixty percent of Maine children between the ages of six months and 17 years were vaccinated, compared with 37 percent nationally. That put Maine in second place in that category behind Rhode Island, tied with Vermont and Massachusetts.

In addition, Maine seniors over the age of 65 were vaccinated at nearly twice the national rate of 22 percent, Baldacci says. Maine?s overall vaccination rate of 37 percent far exceeds the national rate of 24 percent, and one of the highest in the nation.

Mississippi had the lowest rate. The rates are from a national telephone survey conducted by the U.S. CDC through the months of December, January and February."
Source:  "Maine Among Top States for Swine Flu Vaccinations",  Maine Public Broadcasting Network, April 1, 2010.

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