Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Terrorism in the Food Industry: Agroterrorism

Agroterrorism is a topic seldom mentioned in the press; however, occasionally you run across something in the news like the report seen below:  
"Agriculture and our food supply is not immune from terrorism, however, the good news is that the potential remains lower than one might think. History shows us that agricultural or food supply terrorism has traditionally not worked that well.

Speaking at the Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting in Arlington, Va., this week, Homeland Security Today editor David Silverberg described some early attempts at livestock and food supply terrorism that failed. For instance, during World War I, there was a determined effort by the Germans to kill their enemies’ horses and mules with anthrax and glanders in Romania, Spain, Norway, Argentina and the U.S. “It was one of the largest and well-organized animal sabotage attempts,” explained Silverberg (who showed a WWI photo of a horse wearing a gas mask),” but it just did not work very well.”"
Read the rest of the article at "Preventing terrorism in the food industry", Bovine Veterinarian, April 30, 2010.  Click here to learn more about agroterrorism.

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