Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maine Officials Warn of Identity Theft Scam - Jury Duty Scam

Maine Court Officials Warn of "Insidious" Scam

06/14/2010 02:32 PM ET

"Maine court officials are warning of an identity theft scam that tries to scare people into divulging their Social Security numbers, birthdays and other personal information.

Maine Director of Court Information Mary Ann Lynch says the scam features a caller posing as a court official who says that an arrest warrant has been issued because the recipient of the call didn't show up for jury duty. The caller then claims to need the recipient's Social Security number and date of birth -- and sometimes credit card numbers -- in order to cancel the arrest warrant.

Lynch says the scam has been reported in a number of states. She says the scam is especially insidious because the callers use intimidation to bully people over the phone, pretending to be court officials.

Lynch says no one from the Maine Judicial Branch would every call and ask for personal information over the phone. She says anyone receiving such a call should contact local police.

She says the FBI and federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their Web sites, warning consumers about the fraud. Lynch says more information on the scam can be found on the following Web sites."
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TeleSign Matt said...

Seems like a very distinct phishing scam that can come across as quite convincing to many people. This proves that it is very important to never divulge personal information when you did not personally start the conversation or call. Also, do research on the online stores, banks, and other services you use as well. Make sure that proper security systems are in place and that customer security is a high priority!
-TeleSign Matt