Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somali Terrorist Group Targets Innocent Civilians During World Cup Event in Uganda

A terrorist group long active in Somalia has now made the news with an international attack outside of Somalia.  An al-Qaida affiliated group called al-Shabab has taken credit for two bomb attacks that killed 74 people in Uganda who were watching the World Cup.
"The claim by al-Shabab, whose fighters are trained by militant veterans of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, resets the security equation in East Africa and has broader implications worldwide. The group in the past has recruited Somali-Americans to carry out suicide bombings in Mogadishu."
The concern of American officials is that some of the Somali-Americans and Somali refugees who have settled here in the United States and that were recruited for al-Shabab may return to the United States and conduct terrorist attacks.  Read the rest of the article in "New AL-Qaida Threat: Somali Group Claims Blasts", WMTW.com, July 12, 2010.

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