Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dangers of Underinflated Tires

"The Rubber Manufacturers Association, AAA Texas, and Discount Tire Co. are teaming up to help educate motorists about proper tire care. Citing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that under-inflated tires contribute to more than 600 fatalities and 33,000 injuries each year, the groups are hoping to bring those numbers down.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Discount Tire always offers free tire pressure checks at its locations throughout the country, but today in select cities the first 50 people to visit one its sites to have their air checked out will receive a free RMA tire pressure gauge. RMA, the national trade association for tire manufacturers in the United States, notes that while summer is winding down, families are still packing their vehicles and heading out for vacations. And when under-inflated tires combine with fully loaded cars traveling at highway speed in summertime heat, the risk of tire failure rises."
Read the rest of the article in "Tire Industry Urges Drivers to 'Air' on Side of Safety", Occupational Health and Safety, August 7, 2010.  Clcik here to learn more about tire safety and care.

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