Tuesday, August 31, 2010

E-Verify and Illegal Aliens and Identity Theft

A part of the illegal immigration debate is the use of a federally created system called E-Verify.  E-Verify is an online system that determines whether a potential employee is legally permitted to work in the United States.  So far, thirteen states have made E-Verify a mandatory system for some or many businesses within their states.  Naturally, this system has supporters and opponents.  It is not hard to figure out who is in favor and who opposes the system.  States like Arizona - those with a serious illegal immigration and identity theft problem - like E-Verify.  Opponents include groups that think we need more illegal aliens (they would like to call these folks "undocumented immigrants") in the United States and we shouldn't be hassling them!  Read an online article that examines the pros and cons of the system and who supports and does not support it.  See  "Should businesses be forced to use E-Verify?", The Washington Post, August 28, 2010.

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