Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gambling in Maine | A University of Maine Study on the Oxford, Maine Casino

An Associate Professor at the University of Maine was paid $11,250 to write a report on the effects of an Oxford County casino by a pro-casino group leading the effort to allow gambling in Oxford County (and therefore the rest of Maine).  The 18-page report provides a mixed message.  While it is clear that the casino would generate income and provide new jobs - it also indicates that this economic activity may not be "new"; meaning that the money would have been spent elsewhere in Maine on other goods and services.  Bill Nemitz of The Portland Press Herald has provided us with an online article exploring the aspects of the paper that support both the pro and anti-casino groups.  Read -

"Numbers don't lie - or do they?"

You can also read the report online on the University of Maine's website - entitled "UMaine's School of Economics Paper 590" or "Statewide Economic Contribution of a Proposed Resort Casino in Oxford, Maine".  http://www.umaine.edu/soe/

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