Friday, November 26, 2010

Hands Free Cell Phone Policy for South Portland, Maine Police

"SOUTH PORTLAND - The city's police department has placed the crumpled wreckage of a cruiser at the busy corner where the Casco Bay Bridge meets Broadway to send a message to motorists: Don't drive distracted. The cruiser was wrecked, and an officer was injured, in a crash on the bridge on Nov. 1. Police say the driver who hit the parked cruiser with a pickup truck, David Zografos of South Portland, was talking on his cell phone. Zografos, who was uninjured, was charged with failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle. Now, the department is taking steps to keep officers from doing what they tell the public not to do. South Portland police will be officially "hands free" on Jan. 1, when a new policy takes effect barring officers from holding their cell phones to their ears."
Read the rest of the story in "South Portland police to go 'hands free' on cell phones", The Portland Press Herald, November 26, 2010.

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