Thursday, February 3, 2011

Airport Worker Was al-Qaeda Sleeper Plotting Airplane Bomb Attacks

"AN undercover Islamic terrorist got a job with British Airways to gather information and carry out a terrorist atrocity, a court heard yesterday.  Shunning links with extremist groups to avoid attracting attention, IT worker Rajib Karim, 31, allegedly planned to blow up an aircraft heading to the USA.  Woolwich crown court heard that Karim came from Bangladesh in 2006 planning a “spectacular attack” and went deep undercover joining a gym, playing football and hiding his extreme views.

The sleeper joined BA in 2007 working and living in Newcastle. Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw said the post “through a terrorist’s eyes” was “just about as good a job as could be obtained”. After gaining access to computer systems, he and his brother Tehzeeb started passing information to radical al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen."
Perhaps we should do some careful screening of employees from Muslim countries that work at Portland JetPort here in Maine?  Oh, oh.  Racial profiling!  What was I thinking? A momentary laspe I assure you.

Read the rest of the news story in "BA airline worker was al-Qaeda sleeper plotting attacks on aircraft in UK and abroad, court hears", The Mirror News, February 2, 2011.

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