Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bath Salt Conference Held in Bangor, Maine

A conference on Maine's newest drug problem - "Bath Salts" - was recently held in Bangor, Maine.  Police, first responders, and emergency room personnel are dealing with a new drug that has hit the streets in Maine. The drug, called "bath salts", has emerged in the past eight months.  The personnel responding to these situations are confronted with people who are intent on harming themselves in some way. This prompts the responders to try and restrain the individual; but that, according to medical professionals, can lead to other medical problems such as "excited delirium".  The medical authorities believe that the best restraint is the use of chemicals to counteract the bath salts and then some medical testing to detect any other medical problems.

Read more about the conference in the news article below:

"Bangor conference explores medical, police response to bath salts problem", Bangor Daily News, October 5, 2011.

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