Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Seth Jones to Speak at Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations in Maine (Nov 16, 2011)

Dr. Seth G. Jones, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation, will be speaking at the Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations in Northport, Maine on November 16, 2011.  Dr. Jones specializes in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism.  He has recent experience in Afghanistan where he worked as a planner and advisor to the commander of the Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command - Afghanistan (CFSOCC-A). To learn more about the Seth Jones speaking engagement click on "Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of al Qa'ida after 9/11".

Dr. Jones is the author of several publications about the war in Afghanistan and terrorism in general to include the ones listed below. The links bring you to the RAND Corporation website and the documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files:

Reintegrating Afghan Insurgents, RAND (2011)
Afghanistan's Local War: Building Local Defense Forces, RAND (2010)
Counterinsurgency in Pakistan, RAND (2010)
How Terrorist Groups End, RAND (2009)
Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, RAND (2008)

In addition, Dr. Jones is the author of several books.  The link below will bring you to a description of a book that he recently authored about Afghanistan.  More details about the book and information on how to purchase it is available on the website.

In the Graveyard of Empires: America's War in Afghanistan(2010)

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